Avery's Tookie Story

At the age of 2, Avery was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. Although his speech was limited, his energy was through the roof! There were countless months where Avery would not sleep. After many different specialist, different prescribed medications, and many different side effects from the medication… something had to give! Through prayer and changing to a plant based lifestyle (no meat dairy or eggs), Avery was able to stop all medication, and is now able to sleep through the entire night, while eating and enjoying healthier food options.

Through these difficult times, Plant Based Simplicity – Cooking Made Simple was birthed. Now, we are able to share with you Avery’s Tookies… If you’d like to learn more about Avery’s Tookies and his journey please click the button below.

Everyone Loves A Sweet Treat!

But they are even better when they are plant based! 

Vegan Friendly | Dairy Free | Egg Free! 

Simply Deeelicious!

The Workshop

We are at work creating and baking dairy free and egg free Tookies with lots of love!  Each Tookie is made fresh with no preservatives. Always ready to create new recipes.  If you have a Tookie flavor in mind, please share.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Avery’s Tookies! The basic chocolate chip is taken for a spin with the addition of salted Caramel. Buttery texture, chewy, crispy, and soft. I cannot get enough of them!
Mitaya C.