Meet Your Superfoods.

I am happy to share with you an amazing find! Your Superfoods. A company built around integrity, healthy living, transparency & giving back! Your Super created a product with the nutritional power of fresh produce and the convenience of supplements.

Their seven superfood mixes have no more than 6 ingredients in each. All are plant based, organic, gluten free, soy free, have no additives or sweeteners.


5 Day Detox

 Click below to watch how my 5 day detox went and the benefits I received from it! Also learn more about Your Superfood products and what PBS has in store with the (coming soon) PBS RESET: 5 Day Detox Program as well as incorporating the Your Super superfood mixes into my recipes.

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PBS RESET: Monthly 5 Day Detox Program
Coming Soon...


I love how much energy I have when I wake up and throughout the day. I have been slowly but consistently losing weight. I feel great when I incorporate the Your Super Products on the PBS RESET: 5 Day Detox Program.
Rachel Scott
Beyond Blended

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